FPSUltra | Rules


If admin says something you must obey the admins word without any complains. If an admin or moderator is behaving bad you can send us proof of bad behavior to our mail.
There is of course zero tolerance for cheating and ghosting on our servers. Do not blame your brother, friend or any other person if you get caught cheating/ghosting. If yu feel that you are getting unfairly treated you should take it up in our forums.
On FPSUltra we talk primary English. But it is fine if you communicate in you preferred language, just keep in mind if the majority doesn't speak your language that you are communicating in is is best to use English. Any type of verbal abuse can be punished admin will decide what is okay and not.
It is not okay to advertise without permission on FPSUltra servers.
Those rules are the base rules and will come more rules as time goes.


How to report bad behaving players
You can report bad behaving players by reporting them on our sourceban page. If your on one of the FPSUltra servers you can type !report and then select the players name. And give an explanations what the player has done. If you want to complement your report you can upload a demo or a video on our sourceban page.
If you are interested to become an admin on FPSUltra you can apply by sending your application to your mail, make sure you meet the requirements first. 1. Don’t be toxic 2. Don’t abuse your power. 3. Be able to communicate with other staff and players. 4. Be able to patrol the servers at least 5 days a week and be active. 5. Be a high rank at least LEM if your applying for becoming a CSGO server staff. And send your application to: fpsultracommunity@gmail.com